Saturday, December 17, 2016

I'm a Grammar Nazi

Okay I appreciate non-English speakers to try talking in English even though it’s broken English with incorrect grammars and pronunciations. I respect the courage to just even try. Even native English speakers are wrong sometimes when they write some words. Dammit, even some of them can’t differentiate “your” and “you’re”.
That doesn’t mean you stop learning and improving. 
English is not my main language either, my English isn’t perfect but at least I don’t intend to stop improving. I correct things I wrote in English every now and then. I’m pretty strict to myself when it comes to grammar (English and Indonesian), so I’m automatically pretty strict to other people, too. For me, the correct grammar applications and word pronunciations show the level of your manners and intelligence (beside your way of talking).
I’m not saying that people who talk wrongly have low intelligence, but it shows that you’re confidence enough with the skill you have right now. Maybe it’s more acceptable when you talk directly, like in conversations, because you can’t keep checking what you want to say/what you’ve said in a dictionary/Google Translate. But when it’s in writings, especially when you write important statements or articles, it just shows that you don’t double check your grammars/pronunciations in the process and you’re just confidence enough to post it publicly.
It’s not because you’re stupid. For me, I think it’s just ignorance. And sometimes stubbornness. Those are the things that keep you away from improvements (not only in this matter but in everything). Don’t get mad when people criticize you. Just take it as their way of saying “you can be better than this”.
So, yeah, never stop learning, people. It’s not hard. We just gotta have the willingness and keep striving to be better.
(If you've read this on my Tumblr, yes, I only copy-pasted it. I think this matter is pretty important and I assume my Blogspot and Tumblr have different readers (if there's even any, haha) so I think this is the way to let this out)

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